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Welcome to the Sphere Systems website. We are based in the South West area of the UK. We have been providing a range of I.T. solutions for our clients since 1997. Born out of experience gained from implementing information systems in the engineering and allied industries, our client base now extends to the electronics, telecoms, aerospace, defence and medical sectors.

We offer consultancy services, carry out project work and troubleshoot.

The range of services we offer is broad. From Unix and Microsoft certified networking, though systems installation and configuration, to custom application programming. Support offerings can be on a per hour, per incident, or fixed contract basis.

In addition to our service offerings, we are happy to be engaged on projects. We ensure complete client confidentiality, are happy to work under non-disclosure agreements and are security cleared to MOD standards.

We are advocates of open source software wherever its use is effective. Open Source software is becoming mainstream. For many people it is the cost benefit, others may not like being locked into the continual Microsoft upgrade cycle. For whatever reason you choose, it can make business sense to complement proprietory software with Open Source software in the workplace. Many of our clients are using a mixture of the two. There is a common misconception that Open Source software only runs on Linux systems. There are a number of excellent programs, such as Mozilla Firefox, OpenOffice and OpenWengo, that perform equally well on Microsoft Windows and Linux systems

In line with the software author's original intent, we contribute back to the Open Source community any modifications or enhancements that we make. We have contributed code back to the Linux Kernel and other major projects such as Samba, CUPS and DNSmasq

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